October 01, 2014

Want to see what lasting change looks like?

Want to see what lasting change looks like?

By Jesse Marcus, Storyteller at United Way Worldwide

Use United Way’s new interactive infographic to follow Jamie on his path to success in school, work and life. Click on formative moments in his life to see real-life examples of how people are coming together to make a difference.  Not just in the lives of kids like Jamie, but also in the communities where kids like Jamie live, work and play.

Jamie’s journey illustrates United Way’s uniquely holistic approach to improving lives and strengthening communities. We turn innovative ideas into action in communities, fueled by a groundswell of 2.8 million volunteers and 9.7 million donors who are helping to improve education, financial stability and health. The result? Lives like Jamie’s are changed. Communities are safer and healthier. And, with a strong workforce contributing to the local economy, each generation is better equipped than the last to seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

Meet Jamie.  United Way's Where the Money Goes InfographicJamie succeeds when we go beyond Band-Aid solutions to tackle the source, not just the symptoms, of community challenges.  His success represents change that goes beyond charity, building stronger foundations for everyone in the community.

Are you part of a movement for change that’s helping kids like Jamie succeed in life?

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