December 10, 2014

United Way of Cass-Clay has officially reached the $3.5 million mark on our way to the 2014 campaign

United Way of Cass-Clay has officially reached the $3.5 million mark on our way to the 2014 campaign goal of $5.5 million.

We are thankful for the thousands of individuals and businesses who have made an investment and we are inviting the community to give to United Way this year to help reach the goal of raising and investing $5.5 million.

2014 United Way of Cass-Clay Campaign Update:

We are thankful for the thousands of donors and businesses who have given to United Way so far this year to help us reach the $3.5 million milestone, but we invite individuals and businesses to consider a gift to United Way this year.

United Way Campaign FAQs

Is United Way just a fundraiser? Why is reaching to 2014 goal of $5.5 million so important?

Many people may see United Way as just a fundraiser. Reaching the campaign goal is not the end of our work, it is the beginning. Raising money in itself doesn’t create change. What’s even more important than reaching a campaign goal is the ability to make careful, strategic investments designed to bring about social change. That is United Way’s role in our community, and we invite the community to give now to help United Way continue to invest in change for our community in the strategic areas of Education, Income Stability, Health, and Basic Needs such as food, shelter and safety.

Where will the $5.5 million be invested in our community? What are the dollars for?

The increase in dollars needed this year reflects the needs in our community and United Way’s goals to address these needs by investing in solutions in the areas of 

United Way’s mission is to improve lives and advance the common good throughout our community by connecting people to people and connecting specific needs with the resources needed to address them.

Local statistics show that 1 in 8 people in our Cass and Clay community are living in poverty—that’s 28,000 people and 6,000 are children.

What if our children living in poverty now could have the right opportunities to get the skills and experiences they need to be successful as adults?

That is United Way’s goal. United Way’s role is to slow that cycle of poverty. Research tells us that we can do that through making specific investments in the areas of Education, Income Stability, Health and Basic Needs like food, shelter and safety.

United Way is making those investments now, and need to achieve the campaign goal of $5.5 million to continue to invest in these strategies that help our community.

Ways to give to United Way of Cass-Clay:
• Give through your employer’s United Way Campaign (payroll deduction and other giving options available)
• Give online at
• Call 701-237-5050 to give by phone.
• Email for other opportunities to give


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