April 18, 2014

The Power of Community Involvement

The Power of Community Involvement

By Jason Bethke, Manager of Online Marketing at United Way Worldwide 


Active champions of community involvement are a region's primary force of advocacy, positive change, and the common good. Recognizing the significance of community engagement in projects, United Way prioritizes creative partnerships and campaigns that address critical issues in education, financial stability, and health care.

Community activism can mean volunteering to be a tutor or mentor at a local school. The milestones of a child's education require good support at home and from teachers, and beyond. Tutors and peer mentors are often student volunteers themselves, or high school graduates studying in college. This is an excellent opportunity for young people to discover their communities and help out others. In some cases, however, schools may not have the budget for extracurricular activities, in which case nonprofit or community-oriented organizations could lend a hand.

Other common forms of community involvement include helping out in shelters and crisis support centers. There is always an immediate need for donations and outreach initiatives. Volunteer in food banks and help out with pickup, sorting, and delivery. Of course, as with student mentors, there may be a need for supporting group mediators and mentors within the community.

You also may want to consider community involvement in organizing sports and special events for the public. Regular community sporting events can bring people together and encourage the kind of socializing that can prove difficult otherwise. Organizing these kinds of activities in low-income neighborhoods can be an incredible chance to get parents and children involved and interacting in positive ways, making a positive impact on the community as a whole. Educating families about the importance of physical activity can lead to healthier lifestyles across generations.

Community involvement is an enriching and necessary experience for everyone. There are many opportunities to get involved in preexisting projects or start your own initiative. Get involved with your local United Way and join the movement for healthier communities today!

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