October 22, 2020

Taking Action to Help Families in Need - How the Coronavirus Response Fund is Helping

The power of community matters so much in times like these. United Way works to help our community every day — and especially in times of challenge. Thanks to you, we were able to launch a Coronavirus Response Fund and help unite partners, volunteers, and donors to ensure our community thrives, and to help our neighbors who are most in need in Cass and Clay Counties.

We believe in the strategies and programs we provide in our community, and we know  the recent events mean even more of our neighbors will need help. We are so thankful for the individuals and businesses who stepped forward to give.

Because of you, families in our community have a warm and safe home, kids have a place to learn, and more people have food to eat. Together, we are providing help to those who need it most. That is the meaning of LIVE UNITED.

Our United Way Coronavirus Response Fund helped moms like Carla.

Carla is a mom in our community who lives with her 8-year-old daughter, Jada. Earlier this year, Carla was diagnosed with cancer and needed surgery and extensive treatment in Minneapolis. As she traveled for her care, Carla was unable to work and lost her job. Because of Carla’s compromised immunity and the pandemic, her doctor will not sign off for her to return to work, as it isn’t safe.

The family has been through so much, so it was devastating when they received an eviction notice for unpaid rent. In addition to trying to recover from cancer, Carla was desperate and fearful of losing her home and was at risk of being homeless. Jada wondered if she was going to lose her mom to cancer, and now was wondering if she was going to love her mom, and her home, too. That’s where the new model’s Housing Stability Specialist came in.

Thanks to people like you who gave to the Coronavirus Response Fund, Carla was able to connect with Sarah, a Housing Stability Specialist made possible by United Way of Cass-Clay. This trained and caring individual worked closely with Carla’s property manager to provide rent assistance to give time for Carla to recover, and stop the eviction process. Carla’s fears of losing her apartment and being homeless with her daughter melted away. Carla and Jada never had to enter a homeless shelter. Because Carla had the right specialist at the right time, she and her daughter avoided homelessness.

Today, Carla continues to receive cancer treatment but is showing progress and results. With the fear of becoming homeless behind her, Carla feels hopeful that she will have time to recover, return to work safely, and be able to just focus on being Jada’s mom again.

Together as a community, we can prevent families like Carla’s from ever having to experience the trauma of being homeless. We can unite and ensure our community thrives during these challenging times. This is possible when you give to the Coronavirus Response Fund. Thank you for giving - it has a tremendous impact on families like Carla's and so many more people across our community. 

Learn more about the Coronavirus Response Fund

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