March 24, 2017

Emerging Leaders Catalyst of the Year Awarded to Lucas Moran

The 2016 Emerging Leader Catalyst of the Year is Lucas Moran of John Deere Electronic Solutions.

While participating in the Emerging Leaders Housing First Volunteer Opportunity in conjunction with Presentation Partners in Housing, an organization that adheres to the “Housing First” Philosophy that “everyone deserves a place to call home”, Lucas was inspired to do more… 
Last fall there was a family who had been homeless for over four years – it was a mother, a grandmother and two young children, one child was four years old and only knew life as being homeless.  Through the Housing First program, the family had an opportunity to move in to a home, but it needed a lot repairs before they could move in. United Way mobilized a group of Emerging Leaders volunteers to take on this important task of turning a house, in to a home for this family.

Lucas not only volunteered in the first event, but he took it upon himself to engage his team in a second opportunity, by securing volunteers within John Deere Electronic Solutions, who had the specific skillset to make a significant impact on the tasks remaining.  By bringing the ‘right’ people to the event, the John Deere crew was able to help speed up the process of moving this family in to their new home.

The result empowered a three-generation family of strong women to move out of homelessness into a well-cared for home, where they could finally focus on taking care of themselves.

Thanks to you, Lucas, and the team of volunteers that you assembled, it is a warm inviting place for them to create memories!

The Emerging Leaders Catalyst of the Year is a new award designed to recognize a member of this program and a leader that utilizes their experience with United Way to develop in the areas of Connecting, Building Skills, and Volunteering to advance their own lives, their company, or the greater community.

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