A Day in the Life - A Perspective on Poverty (2 sessions)

Microsoft Executive Briefing Center
4550 42nd Street South, Fargo
May 25, 2017
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Your child wants to play soccer after school. You’ve got to do something about that painful tooth. Just 7 days left on your bus pass. Do you, once again, depend on others for a ride to work? Say no to your daughter when all she dreams about is joining the team? Put off a visit to the dentist and push through the pain that keeps you from concentrating at work? What if you were forced to decide between picking up a needed prescription and putting food on the table for your kids?

Many of us, thankfully, have never had to make these kinds of choices, but thousands of local people make these choices EVERY DAY. Underlying many local social issues is a single but massive problem: POVERTY.

One of United Way’s BOLD GOALS is to LIFT PEOPLE OUT OF POVERTY. To fight poverty, we must first all seek to understand it. Join us!

A Day In The Life” is an INTERACTIVE VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE that depicts real-life scenarios faced by many of the families
living in poverty in Cass and Clay Counties who are sometimes one paycheck away from homelessness or crisis.



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