May 15, 2015

Local Organizations Receive National Recognition from United Way

United Way Worldwide gave kudos today to four global corporate leaders who exemplify innovation in engaging employees and consumers, and leveraging corporate social responsibility, to help improve communities across the world.

United Way recognized UPS, John Deere, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Wells Fargo at its Community Leaders Conference in Dallas, before 1,300 people.

“Innovation fuels progress, and these companies are innovators in more than their lines of business,” said Brian Gallagher, president and CEO of United Way Worldwide. “Whether they’re involving employees and consumers, or targeting CSR efforts, they’re accelerating community change.  People across the world are benefiting from the passion these companies exhibit daily. We’re fortunate to be their partners.”

Some 85 companies were invited to apply for the recognition. Nearly 21,000 people cast votes online.

UPS and John Deere were recognized for employee engagement, for their strategies for encouraging employees to volunteer, promote or donate to United Way-led community solutions.

• UPS was recognized for its employee engagement among companies with more than 50,000 U.S. employees. UPS encourages community service on the part of its employees, who log nearly 2 million service hours annually.  Employees have pledged to give 20 million hours of volunteer service by 2020. The company’s partnership with United Way goes back 33 years, and was the first to collectively generate more than $1.3 billion to help United Way improve education, financial stability and health.  Last year, employees pledged a record of $63.7 million. Locally, UPS raised more than $24,000 for United Way last year and nearly 59% of their employees participate. UPS leadership engages ALL employees in the organization offering United Way kick off breakfasts at various times to cover the various shifts. They not only invest in our work, but use their incredible talents in logistics to provide volunteers and trucks to move PALLETS of school supplies for our annual School Supply Drive.

• John Deere was recognized for its employee engagement among companies with less than 50,000 U.S. employees. Some 2,500 John Deere employees spent a day volunteering as part of United Way’s Day of Caring last year. The company also introduced a “dollar for doers” program recently, which lets employees earn a $1,000 grant for an approved charity at which they’ve volunteered 40 or more hours in a year. All told, John Deere employees and their Foundation gave $7 million to support United Way community change work last year. Locally, the John Deere Electronic Solutions team raised close to $200,000 for United Way last year.  The average gift is an incredibly generous $386 per employee annually.

• Wells Fargo was recognized for corporate social responsibility engagement, or the way its goals intersect with United Way’s and how its support impacts United Way projects and practices.  Wells Fargo invested $5 million to create a Financial Capability Network with United Way, providing financial education, 1-on-1 coaching and more to nearly 9,000 people and helping some 20,000 people strengthen their financial stability. Wells Fargo employees are deeply engaged in United Way’s work, with more than 2,500 team members donating 18,000+ volunteer hours and pledging $70.5 million to United Way last year. Locally, Wells Fargo raised nearly $65,000 for United Way last year and with an average employee gift of $294. Local leadership at Wells Fargo encourages employees to not only invest financially, but also give the gift of time with various volunteer events.

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