Housing First & Housing Navigation

As the issue of homelessness continues to grow, United Way knows that innovative solutions are needed to help local people in need be housed more rapidly, and for longer periods of time. With the help and expertise of an experienced leadership team, United Way co-designed and launched this new project focused on collaboration and stopping the cycle of homelessness.

The United Way Housing Navigation Project is a community-based, solution-focused strategy that assists individuals with complex and frequently occurring issues that prevent them from accessing and maintaining stable housing. The goal of this investment is to create a new culture of service delivery and enhance collaboration and partnerships among homeless-service providers. With this new approach, our partners will create a link between existing resources and case management, thus closing gaps and removing barriers in order to achieve housing stability for our most vulnerable homeless population-men, women and children who are chronically homeless.

United Way is proud to partner with Presentation Partners in Housing to implement this innovative strategy, and we look forward to sharing the impact this work will have on local people experiencing homelessness.



In 2017, 20 active Housing Navigation Program Participants were able to attain housing with 80% stably housed for at least 6 months. In addition, these program participants reduced the usage of costly community services such as detox admissions, ambulance transports, jail time, emergency room visits, and emergency shelter stays.

Cost reduction savings from this program are an estimated $261,705. This savings amount represents one year of housing for 20 individuals.  


"Once you lose everything, you lose hope. I don’t think people realize the impact housing can have. Just a year and a half ago I was drinking and sleeping under bridges. And now, I got a promotion, a raise at work and got my son back. Devon is the most wonderful, beautiful, smartest baby in the world. This is the big goal and the big picture of what everyone is striving for – to help people enough so they can get on their feet, get out of the rut, fix their lives and make it on their own."

Dewayne, Fargo Housing Navigation Client