Reduce Hunger and Homelessness

BOLD Goal 1: Reduce Hunger and Homelessness

Why We Invest

United Way sees an opportunity to reduce hunger and homelessness by improving systems and strengthening partnerships to allow individuals to access stable housing and food. The outcome is hunger and homelessness being rare, brief and nonrecurring. There is a strong focus on the housing first philosophy, a proven method of ending all types of homelessness, which offers individuals and families experiencing homelessness immediate access to permanent affordable or supportive housing with a low threshold for entry.

The Issue

Our Strategy

The Action

The Results


The Housing Navigation Program, a community-based, solution-focused strategy, assists chronically homeless individuals with complex and frequently co-occurring issues to access and maintain stable housing.

In 2020, 48 active Housing Navigation Program participants served by Presentation Partners in Housing were able to attain housing, with 100% of clients being able to maintain stable housing for at least six months. In addition, data was collected on 26 program participants who reduced the usage of costly community services such as detox admissions, ambulance transports, jail time, emergency room visits, and emergency shelter stays after attaining housing. Over the past four years of this program, there has been a combined cost savings estimated at $1,576,212 for our local community!  

Looking Forward to 2021

We will continue to focus on partnerships to prevent 90% of families and children from becoming homeless by 2023.

At United Way, innovation is important to us – instead of trying to solve a problem that exists, we are working to prevent the problem from ever happening. The solution was as simple as providing the right help at the right time through Housing Stability Specialists.

This collaborative effort, along with our partnerships to focus on equitable access to food while addressing root causes of food insecurity, will allow our community to break the cycle of homelessness and hunger for generations to come.

State of Homelessness in Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area: A report of the FM Coalition to End Homelessness in collaboration with United Way of Cass-Clay.

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Partner Opportunities
If you are a non-profit looking for funding, applications will be available fall 2022.
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