UNITED for Jefferson Neighborhood

In 2012, United Way was asked to convene a group of nonprofit professionals working with individuals and families in the Jefferson Neighborhood due to a high number of referrals to Cass County Social Services stemming from the Jefferson Neighborhood. 

The Jefferson Neighborhood is geographically defined with borders on Main Street on the North, to University Drive South to 25th Street South United Way on the East and West and 13th Ave South on the south.

United Way engaged over 20 organizations ranging from for profit, government, nonprofit and public entities to identify needs and opportunities for the neighborhood. The result identified specific opportunities to improve the overall well-being of the neighborhood.  


United Way recognizes in a neighborhood based approach it is critical that specific organizations take the lead role in ensuring that specific goals are being improved upon and measured. It is important that an organization, such as United Way, take the lead in monitoring progress of all the goals and ensuring that each specific entity responsible for the goals understands the progress and pitfalls with each goal. United Way of Cass-Clay will take the lead role in facilitating, measuring and communicating the results of the work of the larger collaborative.

To support the goals, United Way has invested in several core strategies including:

For more information regarding United Way’s work in the Jefferson Neighborhood, please contact Thomas Hill, Community Impact Director at thill@unitedwaycassclay.org or 701.237.5050.