UNITED for Education

When you invest with United Way of Cass-Clay you’re investing in the future.

United Way of Cass-Clay (United Way) has made long-standing investments in our community that support education goals. In 2013, United Way announced a new three year collaborative approach to making investments called the UNITED for Education Collaborative that began to address some of the root causes of academic disparities between low socio-economic students and all students. Data continually demonstrates that these academic achievement disparities create long-term economic development challenges for our community; investments made early in a child and families’ life will have greater long-term return on investment for the community. United Way is now seeking to replicate and scale demonstrable and innovative approaches to provide opportunities for children to succeed.

United Way will be opening a grant application cycle and accepting requests for proposal (RFP) for a three year funding cycle (2017-2019). For more information, click here.

For questions regarding this collaborative, please contact: Thomas Hill, Community Impact Director, thill@unitedwaycassclay.org, 701.237.5050

Boy Scouts of America, Northern Lights Council

Comprehensive Youth Development

Offers positive ways to help youth develop values, self-confidence, and discipline needed for living a successful, productive and wholesome life. Boys from 1st grade through age 18 are eligible to participate in programming.

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Boys and Girls Club of the Red River Valley

Youth Commission, The Club & Preschool

Provides safe, convient, flexible, and affordable youth development programs for youth ages 3-17.

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Catholic Charities North Dakota


A 16-session group intervention for adolescents exposed to chronic types of trauma and/or stressors. The program is specifically targeted toward youth from diverse backgrounds. Four core skills are taught during the program: communication and connection with others, problem-solving and creating meaning, coping more effectively in the moment, and cultivating awareness. The objective of SPARCS is to lower anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems.

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Youth Development Program

A skill based youth development program designed specifically for refugee youth and offers a continuum of care. The program focuses on improving social interaction and literacy levels through relationships with established mentors.

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Fargo Adult Learning Center

Even Start Literacy Program

Provides family literacy services to low income families with an education need residing in Cass County. Even Start provides educational service to both the parent and child and improves the future of two generations.  For those families with limited English, these opportunities are essential for language and literacy acquisition and provide the keys to self-sufficiency.  The program integrates early childhood education, adult literacy and English Language Learner (ELL) instruction, parent education and interactive parent-child activities into a unified program.

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Fargo Cass Public Health

Nurse Family Partnership

Partners first time mothers with a registered nurse early in a pregnancy and provides support through the child's second birthday.

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Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons

Youth Enrichment

Engages girls in Cass-Clay counties in hands-on learning activities on a year round basis giving them opportunities to build skills that will make a positive impact on their lives. Education is focused on leadership and self-esteem, environmental awareness, financial literacy, health and wellness, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the arts, and travel.

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Lutheran Social Services of ND

Child Care Aware

Assists families in their search for quality child care by supplying families with individualized referrals to all type of child care as well as informative consultation and resources to help them evaluate and choose appropriate care for their children. They also advance the implementation of high quality early childhood program standards and giving child care providers access to knowledge and skills.


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Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc.

Head Start Summer School

Head Start Summer School is the opportunity of low-income children to avoid a "summer slide" by continuing school readiness skill development in an environment rich with learning opportunities and support for the development of social skills. 

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Moorhead Area Public Schools

Keys to Kindergarten/JumpStart

School readiness programming that aims to provide quality pre-kindergarten experiences to all students, working collaboratively with the K-12 system to ensure that students are prepared to succeed when they begin kindergarten.

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Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc.

Rainbow Bridge Safe Exchange/Visitation Center

Provides supervised visitation and safe exchanges to children and families in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Both are designed to assure that children can have safe contact with an absent parent without having to be put in the middle of the parents’ conflicts or other programs.

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Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota

Youth Court

For first time and early youth offenders, Youth Court provides a different option than the conventional justice system.  A jury of six to twelve of their peers is convened to hear the case and decide what action steps, in the form of things like community service, should be taken to hold the offender accountable for their actions.


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North Dakota State University TRIO Programs

Upward Bound

Provide first generation college students with the on campus learning opportunity to live like a typical college student and provide supports for navigating the system.

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Solutions Behavioral Healthcare Professionals, Inc.

Incredible Years

Reduce the challenging behaviors in children and increase their social, academic, and self-control skills.


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South East Education Cooperative

Gearing Up for Kindergarten

A school-readiness, parent education and early intervention educational program. Parents and their four-year old children attend together and participate in parent-child together activities, separate child activities, and separate parent education classes. This program is an educational effort to prepare children to enter Kindergarten ready to learn.

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South East Education Cooperative

North Dakota Reading Corps

North Dakota Reading Corps is part of a national effort to bring to scale a proven model that leverages the power of community service to improve reading levels and strengthen educational systems in communities.

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SouthEastern North Dakota Community Action Agency (SENDCAA)

Child Care Center

Offers a full day, year round child care service for low-income families in the community. There are also spots available for drop-in, short-term childcare. Cost is based on a sliding fee scale to assist parent’s efforts in pursuing higher education or more valuable employment in order to gain greater self- sufficiency.


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SouthEastern North Dakota Community Action Agency (SENDCAA)

Children's Consultation Network

Provides early intervention, identification, education and skills to caregivers to help young children be successful in life.

The Village Family Service Center

Big Brother Big Sister Program

Provides mentors to at-risk youth who would benefit from having additional adult support. This is accomplished through school-based programs for 1st-5th grade students and community-based program for youth ages 6-18.

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The Village Family Service Center


Counseling Services programs are designed to strengthen students and families through interventions that address barriers to good health and security. 

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The Village Family Service Center

Nokomis Child Care Centers

Every child deserves quality care. Enrollment priority is given to children with developmental delays, at risk of abuse or neglect, emotional or behavioral problems, or families with financial difficulties. Teachers strive to meet the needs for the whole child through challenging activities each day. They also offer a parent education curriculum that is available to all parents.

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The Village Family Service Center

Truancy Intervention Program

Through a collaborative effort between Clay County and the Village Family Service Center, schools monitor student attendance and make referrals to TIP services when students reach a certain number of absent days/periods in a school year. TIP uses family advocates to meet with students and their families to address attendance concerns. Education about the consequences of truant behavior is presented and further action steps are taken if necessary.


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TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics Academy

Mobile Fitness Labs

Academic Movement Mobile Lab for pre-school children.  This enrichment will train our partner’s staff and contribute to school readiness.

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YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties

Childcare Scholarships

YMCA strives to build strong kids and families through child care programming that will build children up physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially in a safe and positive environment. Child care scholarships help offset the cost for quality full day, afternoon, and drop-in child care.


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Family Counseling

Counselors address family issues, including: conflict, anger management, and decision-making. Youthworks seeks to ensure youth remain in safe, supportive homes.

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YWCA Cass Clay

A Child's World

A Child’s World’s primary goals are to provide a developmentally appropriate environment for young children and to support and strengthen the quality of life for young children and their families regardless of their social, ethnic or economic background.  Scholarships are given first to families pursuing a four year degree, second to families pursuing any type of further education, and third to any families with financial need.

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