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Imagination Library

Not surprisingly, a love of reading is often synonymous with a love of learning. That’s why United Way works with The Dollywood Foundation to provide free books to any child in Cass and Clay counties from birth to their fifth birthday.

United Way partners with Dolly Parton Foundation to provide children ages birth through 5 with a free book in the mail each month and to spark a love for reading. Our partnership provides children in Cass and Clay counties the possibility to build a home library of 60 books before they enter kindergarten! 2018 marks the 15th year with the program. As parents are a child’s first teacher, Imagination Library gives them a fun and easy way to get involved with their child’s early education. Studies show that 97% of parents surveyed reported that the program has encouraged them to read more to and with their children.

In 2018, over 100,000 books were distributed and nearly 9,000 local children were enrolled in the Imagination Library program to receive monthly books in the mail. 

The program costs United Way $25 per child, per year. Call 701.237.5050 to sponsor.

Every month, a new book will be sent to each enrolled child. United Way of Cass-Clay provides these books through The Dollywood Foundation. These books are sent directly to the enrolled child's home and are age and developmentally appropriate to children ages birth to five.

Forms are available at United Way, United Way Community Partners, local schools, childcare centers, churches and preschools, hospitals. Or, individuals can also sign up right here (after verifying your eligibility) online or through the national Imagination Library website.

Need to change your address? 
Please use the form below to change your address. Begin by entering your zip code and you will be able to change your address. 

If you have moved out of the Cass-Clay community and/or need to un-enroll your child, please contact United Way at or 701-237-5050 and we are happy to assist you!

PLEASE NOTE: When you register for the Imagination Library program, it may be 3-4 months until you to receive your first book in the mail.
Thank you for your patience! 



We make reading a part of each day, and with receiving a new book every month from United Way’s Imagination Library program, we have been able to introduce a variety of topics and ideas into our son’s life.  I have no doubt that being a part of the program has helped grow our son’s love for reading.

Briann Sandholm, Moorhead, Imagination Library Parent

Check Your Eligibility

Before enrolling or updating your existing address, please enter your ZIP code to check your eligibility.