Prepare Children to Succeed

BOLD Goal 2: Prepare Children to Succeed

Why we invest

Nationally recognized research points to the long-term benefits and return on investment from providing high-quality early childhood education to low-income children. The benefits not only improve kindergarten readiness levels but also improve third-grade reading levels and high school graduation rates and dramatically increase the lifetime earning potential for students who benefit from quality early childhood experiences. We recognize that students and families must be supported as they progress through school. 

The Issue

Our Strategy

The Action

The Results


In response to the growing behavioral and mental health needs of students, we've partnered with Central Cass, Kindred, Northern Cass, and West Fargo Public Schools to increase access and remove barriers for students to get the mental health help they need. This past school year, 186 students received mental health services on-site at their schools. Of those served:

Looking Forward to 2021

We will continue to increase support for children and students as they progress from early childhood to school to the workforce or post-secondary education. We are working with our community partners and local school districts to increase access and reduce barriers to educational gaps related to student success.

Partner Opportunities

If you are a non-profit looking for funding, applications will be available fall 2021.
For more information, please see the previous Notice of Funding Available.