Workforce Development Case Manager

When it comes to lifting people out of poverty, research has proven that educational attainment and poverty are strongly correlated. In order to address the needs of low-income individuals to attain self-sustaining employment, United Way has collaborated with Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership and Minnesota State Community and Technical College (MState).

1 This approach grows the workforce by providing training, education and support to low-income families to meet the skills gap.

2 Addresses the three key components of a two-generation model:  education, economic support, and social capital.

3 The workforce development case manager assists low-income individuals with the skills and support necessary to obtain and maintain living wage employment in the highest demand career areas in our region, including welding, health care, and certified production technicians.

4 Supports individuals and households who are ready and able to develop their skills to meet the demand by the health care and manufacturing industries.

Today, thanks to United Way, the workforce development case manager will continue to provide support to clients in these MState Training Programs: welding, certified production technician (CPT) & certified nursing assistant (CNA).

When faced with a long-term, critical workforce shortage, a unified community effort is the best strategy.  Since 2015, United Way of Cass-Clay has partnered with four local organizations to collaboratively tackle our workforce challenge.

Together, UNITED, we are investing in a strategy to:

United Way of Cass-Clay focuses the BUILD strategy by:


When you can see an individual go from nearly being homeless to now working in a career and coming home every day to an apartment with his family under one roof, you can see the good that can come from this work.
I believe in them until they believe in

Amy Feland, Workforce Development Case Manager