Child Care Scholarships

There is a growing body of nationally recognized research pointing to the long-term benefits and return on investment from providing high-quality early childhood education to low-income children. The benefits not only improve kindergarten readiness levels but improve third-grade reading levels, high school graduation rates and dramatically increase the lifetime earning potential for students who benefit from quality early childhood experiences. United Way is working to remove barriers for low-income families to access quality childcare. The result? More kids are receiving a higher quality of childcare. In turn, they’re better prepared for school and better prepared for life.

Approximately 75 scholarships are given to low-income working families & children each month. These scholarships allow children to access high-quality early childhood education. 


Thanks to United Way, we were able to help a married mother of two whose husband was not working due to mental illness and was struggling to pay for childcare. When we told her that we could help her two young boys remain in childcare, she burst into tears of gratitude and shared that the help was
life-changing for her family.

Lorrie Thoemke, YMCA Cass-Clay Vice President of Early and School Age Learning Centers