Community Investment Review Panel (HERO IMAGE)

Community Investment Review Panel

The Community Investment Review Panel (CIRP) is an exciting and influential volunteer opportunity open to all United Way investors.

During an open investment review cycle, United Way will organize CIRP volunteers to conduct a panel review where volunteers review proposals, tour applicants’ facilities, and gain further information and perspective on the specific programming.  These panel reviews will be led by a member of the Community Investment Committee (CIC).

CIRP volunteers will make an initial funding recommendation based on their review of the proposals utilizing an evaluation rubric to guide scoring of request for proposals and the conducted site visits.

Following the panel reviews of all submitted request for proposals, the CIC will convene to review all individual panel recommendations and make a final funding recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Volunteers play an important role in ensuring dollars entrusted to United Way are leveraged to their maximum capacity by evaluating programs’ client outcomes, alignment with the United Way strategy, and the overall impact on the community.

As a CIRP volunteer, you will be asked to critically review 3-4 programs seeking United Way funding.  CIRP volunteers are required to attend a one-time training facilitated by United Way staff. During this training, we will review:

As a Community Investment Review Panel Volunteer, you commit to:


Applications to be part of the 2020 Community Investment Review Panel will open January 2020. 

For more information about the Community Investment Review Panel Volunteer opportunity, please email