Help People Be Independent

BOLD Goal 3: Help People be Independent

Why we invest

We know what makes us healthy is more than just clinical care, genes and biology. 80% of what makes an individual healthy is where one lives, works and plays. There is an increased need for mental and behavioral health services in our community. This need intensifies when paired with the many barriers faced by individuals and families who are economically disadvantaged and underserved.

The Issue

Our Strategy

The Action

The Results


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are more common than we think. According to the Center for Disease Control, 61% of adults surveyed reported having experienced at least one type of ACE, and nearly 1 in 6 reported they had experienced four or more types of ACEs. We know ACEs can have lasting, negative effects on health, well-being, and opportunity. We use a targeted approach by partnering with community-based nonprofits to provide trauma-informed care and services for those who have experienced abuse and trauma in order to help them heal and be independent. Of clients who received trauma care and services in 2020:

Looking Forward to 2021

In 2021, we are preparing to finalize future investments to support independence through building social capital, social connection, and access to living wages. This investment will be targeted specifically to help low-income and historically marginalized families to be independent and build a better tomorrow for everyone in our community. 

Partner Opportunities

If you are a non-profit looking for funding, applications will be available fall 2023.
For more information, please see the previous Notice of Funding Available.