How We Help

How We Help

Helping people is at the center of all we do. Everything we have ever done or ever will do, will be centered on helping local individuals and families while addressing needs in our community.

United Way’s work goes well beyond our historical role of funding strong non-profit partners. Today we are leveraging our investments, resources, volunteers, and corporate partnerships to deliver transformative, measurable results.

Stated another way, United Way has undergone a dramatic shift in how we work to address needs in our community. From a historic community chest with a broad charitable mission we have evolved into a critical community convener that mobilizes our partners, including businesses, community leaders, public officials, residents and non-profit organizations.


United Way of Cass-Clay lives at the intersection of the private, public, philanthropic and non-profit sectors.

United Way’s funding strategy is focused, innovative and research driven. We invest in local non-profits focused on developing a coordinated strategy to tackle the challenges facing our young people.

We invest in opportunities for children to attend high quality early childhood education experiences that ensure they are prepared for their first day of kindergarten. We invest in school and after school programs that create safe, engaging places for struggling or at-risk children to learn. Finally, we invest in parents to teach them the skills they need to help their children and families succeed.

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Income Stability
United Way is focused on investing in supportive and affordable housing to improve the Income Stability for individuals and families in our Cass-Clay community. This effort called the United for Income Stability Collaborative seeks to address issues associated with and causing individuals to not be able to secure stable and/or affordable housing. Lack of affordable and stable housing is a key element to the financial stability of individuals and families in the Cass Clay community. United Way is focused on a collaborative approach; working together with other partners to provide supportive and affordable housing.

United Way believes strongly that the lack of supportive and affordable housing creates long-term economic development challenges for our community. Therefore, by identifying the best interventions to support individuals and families we will empower them to become more self-sufficient. Learn more


United Way believes that strong communities are built on healthy families. Our investments improve the health of our community by helping children and adults learn healthy behaviors that will help them to lead productive lives. Learn more
Basic Needs
Your investment in United Way of Cass-Clay supports Basic Needs programs that focus on providing food, shelter, access to health care, legal services, and safety of individuals and families throughout our Cass & Clay community.  Learn more

Our mission is to connect people to people, needs to resources, and experts to advocates to improve lives and advance the common good throughout Cass and Clay Counties. Every day we make this mission a reality by investing in the areas of Education, Income Stability and Health because we believe these are the building blocks for opportunity - individually and collectively and those building blocks lead to a good life and a healthy community.

Why focus on Education, Income Stability & Health?

Education is essential to getting and keeping a job with a wage that can sustain a family and has health benefits. An income that can cover today and save for tomorrow builds a family’s solid foundation.  Good health keeps children on track at school and adults productive at work. Remove any of these building blocks and the other two topple. Build them all up and you have a cornerstone for individual and community prosperity

This approach allows us to leverage our role as a community funder to build relationships between organizations rather than fund them individually. It also allows us to create and sustain partnerships that last beyond funding allocations and short term solutions to partnerships with a focus centered on community wide goals that address needs in our community by focusing on root cause issues.