March 24, 2021

Home for Good Baskets Provide Hope

Meet Sharla... 

After living at a local homeless shelter for four months, Sharla and her family moved into an apartment of their own. Sharla arrived at her new apartment with a mix of emotions. She was excited and grateful to have an apartment, but nervous, afraid and embarrassed as she knew she would be walking through the door of her new home with just a few items, and certainly not enough to create a comfortable and functioning home for her family. Everything they owned was packed in a few boxes, and although the homeless shelter was able to store what little possessions they had while they got back on their feet, she worried about not having the basics to set up a home for her and her kids to live and thrive.

What would they use to make dinner in their new kitchen? Would her kids have towels and bathroom supplies to get ready for school? What about cleaning supplies? What about sheets and pillows to sleep at night?

The day Sharla and her family moved into their new home, a United Way Home for Good basket was waiting for them on their front step. When she brought it inside and stood in her empty living room with her daughter still in her car seat beside her, tears of relief and gratitude welled up in her eyes as she unpacked the box full of so many basic household supplies. Her ten-year-old daughter pulled out the kitchen cups and utensils and smiled as she talked about how excited she was to make dinner that night in their new home. Sharla’s five-year-old son zoomed down the hall to check out his new bedroom, and Sharla breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the set of sheets, knowing her son would have a warm clean bed to sleep in that night.

Thanks to United Way and our generous donors, Sharla could focus on being a mom to her kids and building their new life. “This means a lot to us. It is life-changing to move into this place and have the things that we need for our family. Thank you so much!”

It’s moments like these that the power of community comes to life. As a United Way donor, you make moments like these possible. You are part of Sharla’s story, and the difference you make will be felt by Sharla and her kids for years to come. You gave them hope. You gave them a fresh start toward a new life. You gave a mom the opportunity to build a better life and future for her family.

To make a donation to Home for Good, you can give online now.

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