Health Care Heroes UNITED

Creating a healthier community for all

Join fellow local health care leaders as they pledge their support to help United Way’s work to help our neighbors in need. We invite physicians, optometrists, dentists, and all of the caring and dedicated leaders of our medical community to become a member of Health Care Heroes UNITED by making an annual investment of $720 or more. Make a gift today.

Health care professionals dedicate their careers and lives to improving the health and well-being of people here in our community. As we all know, there are many factors that help make our community healthy and that when we work together, we can create a better, healthier community for all. 

Each and every day, United Way works to provide basic needs like a stable home and enough food to eat, which are crucial components of helping people be healthy. When people in our community don’t have access to basic needs, the other factors of health such as proper nutrition, stress management, proper sleep, hygiene and managing chronic conditions all seem impossible.

When families are living in poverty, a focus on a healthy life often seems out of reach. That’s why your investment in United Way is so critical to improving the overall health of our entire community. 

● Recognition on our website
● Updates on the issues we’re tackling together
● Stories about lives changed because of your generosity
● The opportunity to contribute toward a healthier community for your patients, clients, and all of us

Health Care Heroes UNITED Chairs: To be announced 

We know that because of your profession, you are aware of the health of our community. When you make an investment, you ensure programs that help our neighbors continue for years to come.

This unique opportunity to be a part of Health Care Heroes UNITED will help:
● Families have access to nutritious food
● Children get the mental health services they need
● Prevent homelessness for families and children so we can break the cycle of poverty

These areas make our communities’ families - and your patients - healthy and strong. United Way’s work makes a difference for each of us every single day.

Joe’s Story

Do you believe that all students should have access to mental health services? At United Way, we do, too. That’s why we’re investing in elementary students like Joe, who was once struggling with sadness and thoughts of suicide, but now after being connected with a therapist at his school for over a year, is thriving as a 5th grader.

Thanks to people like you who give to United Way, Joe was able to receive mental health services early on in his life, and get the support he needed to process the trauma of homelessness, his parents’ divorce, and a tumultuous family life. Today, Joe’s teachers see a young student who comes to school each day with happiness and hope, which was only possible thanks to United Way donors.  

Your gift of $720 or more annually will demonstrate your dedication to your profession and go well beyond the exam room – it will change the lives of local people like Joe who need our help.

We invite you to make a gift today stand up for what you believe, and join us to help our community succeed through Health Care Heroes UNITED.

For more information, please contact Marisa Pacella at or 701-532-4612.