Corporate Engagement

Are you looking for fun and meaningful ways to engage your team? Look no further! Read about some of our offerings below. To learn more about these and other options or if you're ready to schedule your event, contact us at or 701-237-5050.

Encouragement Cards

Do you remember a time you received a note from someone that inspired you? We know that positive peer interactions encourage greater growth in child and youth development areas such as self-management, interpersonal skills, and positive mindsets.

Learn more about our Encouragement Cards here

Host a Poverty Simulation

Every day, thousands of families across Cass and Clay Counties perform an intricate financial balancing act while trying to make ends meet. This simulation is an interactive immersion experience that depicts real-life scenarios faced by many of the families living in poverty in Cass and Clay Counties who are sometimes one paycheck away from homelessness or crisis.

Learn more about our poverty simulations here!

Literacy Kits

Literacy and early learning are critical to ensuring kids are ready for kindergarten. Our literacy kits were designed to focus on skills young children need when learning to read. All kits will be distributed to local children in Cass and Clay Counties. This can be done onsite at your office and can be extremely flexible. 

Learn more and download the flyer here.

Opportunity Matters

Host this unique event to learn about the importance of providing opportunities to at-risk and underserved families and children. The Opportunity Matters activity is designed to support your team members’ development as informed, empathetic community advocates. This can be done virtually or in person.

Learn more and download the flyer here.