December 06, 2017

Get Informed and then Advocate…Learn More About Poverty in Our Community

“A Day In The Life: Perspective on Poverty” is an interactive volunteer experience that depicts real-life scenarios faced by many of the families living in poverty in Cass and Clay Counties who are sometimes one paycheck away from homelessness or crisis.

On Thursday, Decmeber 7, more than 100 people will be a part of this event at Microsoft. 

Two of the most popular requests that we recieve after people experience this "A Day in the Life Perspective on Poverty Event" is:

How Do I Learn More?
How Do I Take Action? 

We invite you to be an informed advocate about this issue in our community!

Explore the links below. 

o Reducing Hunger & Homelessness - Housing First
o Preparing Children to Succeed - Quality Afterschool Programing
o Helping People be Independent - Adverse Childhood Experiences
o Lifting People out of Poverty - Two Generation Model

Then, take action by posting on social media about your experience today.
Think about:
-What surprised you?
-Did you have any "a-ha" moments?
-What do you want other people to know?

Post on social media with #ForceforGoodCassClay, we can share your comments with others, too! 

You can also take action as an informed advocate by sharing your experience with your family, friends, and coworkers. 

Thank you for being a Force for Good and turning your experience into action for our community. 



If you would like to connect with our team, please reach out! You can reach us at or 701-237-5050. 

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