December 05, 2014

Essentia employee gets a VIP limo ride to work as part of United Way Campaign

Essentia Health employee Nicolle Linger pulled up to work this morning in the back of a limo—and she even knew the driver!

Essentia Health employees recently took part in a campaign to raise money for United Way of Cass-Clay by nominating fellow employees, volunteers or themselves to win a limo ride to work. Any Essentia Health employee who gave a gift to United Way was able to submit a nomination.

VIP Limousine of Fargo donated the limo ride and teamed up with The Essentia Health Regional Foundation to offer the prize and randomly select one winner from all submitted nominations.

Essentia Health employee Nicolle Lingen’s name was drawn from the nominations and she was treated to a royal ride to work today. Many of her coworkers were there to welcome her at the front door at Essentia Health hospital in Fargo this morning. 

Shelly from VIP Limousine picked up Nicolle and her daughter at their home and dropped her daughter off her off at school at Carl Ben Eielson before brining Nicolle to work.

The story took an amazing and heartwarming turn when the limo pulled up at Nicolle’s home—she discovered that she knew the woman driving the limousine!

Nicolle met Shelly four years ago when Shelly was pregnant with twins and was faced with a difficult and high-risk pregnancy. Nicolle was Shelly’s ultrasound nurse at Essentia Health—they got to know one another very well as many ultrasounds were required throughout her difficult pregnancy.

“Nicolle was one of the people that got me through my pregnancy,” said Shelly with tears in her eyes. “She was that steady sense of calm and support that I needed. Today, Shelly's twin girls are 4 years old and doing very well.  She said she now considers Nicolle a friend.

This year’s annual United Way campaign generated thousands of dollars in direct donations by Essentia Health employees.  Essentia Health employees are strong believers in giving back to the communities it serves. Each year, their employees and organization make direct and in-kind donations to numerous charities and organizations throughout the region, including food banks, schools, pet shelters, the United Way and many other local charities.

“We’re proud of our employees who help make our giving possible. Thanks to them, we’re making a difference right here in our community,” said Foundation Director of Internal Operations Karen Engelter.

“We are happy to partner with Essentia Health and acknowledge healthcare providers and United Way supporters,” says VIP Limousine owner Shelly B. “The United Way is a great cause.”



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