December 14, 2017

Emerging Leaders Turn Inspiration Into Action


We all have a cause that ignites our passion to serve. But what happens when you make a choice to lead with intention and turn this passion into inspired action?

Yesterday, our fellow Emerging Leader Bethany Berkeley of Dale Carnegie of ND and MN facilitated an interactive conversation challenging our Emerging Leaders to lead with intention and inspire all of us get involved. 

Emerging Leaders had the opportunity to hear 4 stories of impact as to how their support of United Way has helped Benjmin and his son David. 

United Way Bold Goal 1 - Benjamin's Story - Housing First

We also released the 2017 Emerging Leaders Impact Report! 

See how Emerging Leaders made an impact in 2017 

About United Way's Emerging Leaders:
Emerging Leaders are a network of community-minded professionals under the age of 40 who invest at least $300 annually in United Way and want to connect with others and volunteer. Emerging Leaders receive invitations to networking events with community leaders and leadership development opportunities. Want to become an United Way Emerging Leader? Learn more here or email

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