A Day in the Life: Perspective on Poverty

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August 15, 2019

In order to fight poverty, we must first seek to understand it. Every day, thousands of families across Cass and Clay Counties perform an intricate financial balancing act while trying to make ends meet. Join us for A Day in the Life: A Perspective on Poverty

Due to the nature of this experience we ask that all participants be at least 16 years of age or older.

What Is It?
This event is an interactive immersion experience that depicts real-life scenarios faced by many of the families living in poverty in Cass and Clay Counties who are sometimes one paycheck away from homelessness or crisis.

How Does It Work?
Alice is 34. She could be your neighbor, a woman you ran into at the grocery store, or someone living in your community you have never met before. Like many others who live in poverty, Alice is fighting against many barriers just to keep a roof over her families head and food on the table. Alice is a member of one of the many families that make up the experience.
During this experience, you will take on the identity of someone like Alice. You and your family will work together to sustain yourself as you live a month in poverty. You will be surrounded by a community of others experiencing their own challenges and given personal and community resources like schools, banks, and grocery stores.

Just like real life, you'll have bills to pay, you'll need transportation, food on the table, medical care, a source of income and more. Throughout the simulated month, you will face the challenges a person in poverty faces. These are real-life situation that people face every single day in our community. You'll experience what a day in the life for those in our community facing poverty is like and learn what you can do to help.

Volunteer to Join Us!
Already participated in "A Day in The Life"? We need your help in making these events impactful! In order to make this event a success, we need great volunteers to play community roles to help depict the real-life situations those in poverty face every day. Help us create awareness in our community for those living in poverty by volunteering for one or multiple sessions!
Check out volunteer opportunity dates and times below!

All are welcome to participate in this event! We encourage you to share this with your friends and colleagues who may be interested in this event. Due to the nature of the simulation, we ask that all attendees commit to being there for the entire three hours.

Register to Volunteer

For questions, email our team at unitedway@unitedwaycassclay.org or call us at 701-237-5050.

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