October 11, 2013

2014 Day of Caring Volunteer Event & Thank You

In our opinion there is no better way to spend a crisp, sunny Thursday afternoon in the fall than volunteering. This was the 22nd year that Day of Caring has taken place in our community and it did not disappoint! We are thrilled to be providing this service opportunity for both our volunteers and local seniors for over 20 years. We had an incredible response from those of you wanting to volunteer this year. We would like to thank each and every one of the 1,625 volunteers. This was the largest Day of Caring ever. In fact, compared to last year we had a 19% increase in volunteers!

Not only is it the afternoon a great team building activity, but it truly does make an impact in each of the seniors’ lives. For many Here are some quotes we received in thank you cards that we just had to pass on. 

"A group of you all came to my apartment and did yourselves proud! You washed, dusted, fixed a shelf and my dryer vent, and unstuck my patio door--all of which made me home safe, cleaner and gave me a peace of mind. That's quite an accomplishment. Thanks again, so much for all your assistance and great company."

"A monetary gift would be so very appropriate at this time, however as a low-income senior, I can only offer you my sincere thanks for offering and making available the Day of Caring. The three volunteers who came to my home were an absolute blessing. I appreciate everyone involved. Many thanks!"

"The people that came to my home were super, super people. They did such a great job. Thanks so much for your kindness in sending them to me."


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