January 09, 2014

1 more step toward quality child care: North Dakota launches Bright & Early North Dakota statewide

For more than a decade, United Way has been committed to children and committed to improving the quality of child care in our local community.  Today, that commitment to helping children has reached an important milestone.

Because of our generous community, from 2010-2013, we were able to invest in a pilot program called the Early Childhood Rating & Improvement System which worked to recognize and improve the quality of early care and education.   You can read more about how this new pilot program helped children and care providers here.

United Way made a significant financial commitment to this program because it helped to ensure that our young children- the 11,332 children zero to five living in Cass County- have the opportunity to be ready for school and prepared for life.

In a nutshell, the United Way of Cass-Clay lead the charge to create a consistent way to distinguish the level of quality in child care and early learning programs, allowing families to make informed choices and giving child care and early learning programs a way to showcase their services. This investment has had a BIG return!

Today, the N.D. Department of Human Services launched a new program called Bright & Early North Dakota that will help foster a child’s early success by providing training, support, and resources to child care professionals. (read official media release here)


Our Community Partner, Child Care Aware of North Dakota sent us a message to thank United Way for our support:
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire team and board with the United Way of Cass-Clay.  Today, the North Dakota Department of Human Services officially launched Bright & Early North Dakota statewide. 
This statewide program has come to fruition because of your commitment to serving 1,300 children  in Cass County with the Early Childhood Rating & Improvement System Pilot from 2010-2013.

Thanks to your vision and leadership, an additional 2.500 children will receive quality child care over the next 2 years in North Dakota.  This would not be possible without the United Way of Cass-Clay.
Thank you for all you do to make Cass County (and North Dakota) a great place to live, work and play.


How does Bright & Early North Dakota work?

Dollars invested with United Way of Cass-Clay continue to make a positive impact on one of our state's greatest resources, our children.



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